Why should some wisdom teeth be removed?
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Why should wisdom teeth be removedWisdom teeth sometimes cause problems, even if you aren’t currently experiencing any symptoms. Luckily, our dentists can determine whether your wisdom teeth need to be removed and will make the extraction process as simple and comfortable as possible.

Why should some wisdom teeth be removed?

A majority of people have wisdom teeth, two in their upper jaws and two in their lower. Others may be missing one or two, or may not develop any at all. Many times, wisdom teeth don’t cause any issues and don’t need to be removed.

However, you might need to have yours removed if they’re causing oral health problems or if they’re likely to be problematic in the future. Possible issues include:

  • You may not have enough space in your mouth for the wisdom teeth. This can cause them to be impacted and unable to break through the gums. Impacted teeth can lead to infection, cysts, or damage to surrounding teeth and bone.
  • Wisdom teeth have the potential to come in at an angle that’s uncomfortable and dysfunctional. This can also make cleaning the tooth difficult, heightening your risk for decay and gum disease.
  • They may break partially through the gum, resulting in a bit of tissue over the tooth that can trap food or germs (which is a breeding ground for infection!).
  • Even if you’re not experiencing symptoms, many dentists will suggest removal if they anticipate future problems, since waiting until wisdom teeth have already come in can complicate the extraction and healing process.

What to expect during wisdom teeth extraction

This procedure will depend on your circumstances, such as how impacted your teeth may be. Many times, the removal is fairly straightforward and the tooth can be removed much like any other molar. In cases like this, your dentist will administer either a local anaesthetic or N2O (Nitrous oxide), wait for it to take effect, and then the tooth will be moved back and forth until it can be extracted in its entirety.

If your circumstances are more complicated, the dentist may need to cut through the gums and remove part of the jawbone to reach the tooth. Once the tooth has been removed, you’ll be given stitches if needed.

Simple wisdom teeth extractions at our Gold Coast practice can take only a few minutes, while more complicated scenarios may require about 20 minutes.

After your procedure, you can drive yourself home, unless you are having multiple wisdom teeth removed in one appointment. In this case, we advise that you arrange for someone to pick you up and drive you home instead. Normally, two wisdom teeth per appointment will be the maximum.
Although your post-treatment care will depend on your individual situation, our dental team will always explain your circumstances to you, give instructions on how to care for your teeth, and advise you on any painkillers or antibiotics that we may recommend to you.

In some instances, your wisdom teeth may need to be removed by an oral surgeon (for instance, if the tooth is very close to a nerve). If this is your situation, we will explain the circumstances in depth and give you a referral to book a time for a consultation.

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