Straightening your teeth the clear way
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Get your teeth straightened with InvisalignInvisalign at Robina Town Dental, your Gold Coast dentists

You’ve probably heard of or seen advertising for Invisalign and maybe thought, “That sounds a little too good to be true.” Practically invisible, removable aligners that straighten out your teeth? No metal brackets or wires for food to get trapped in? Well, that’s Invisalign and it is true.

So How Does Invisalign Work?

Traditional wire braces consist of a fixed metal bracket on each tooth with a wire threaded through. This wire is tightened at each dental visit to ensure your teeth continue to be ‘pulled into line’, over time giving you a straighter smile.

The 'Invisalign' Difference

Invisalign’s different. It uses no metal and no fixtures. Instead, a series of clear aligners (think thin and barely noticeable mouth guards) are created based on moulds of your mouth. Each aligner is slightly different to the next and worn for a certain amount of time to gently guide your teeth into their new position.

The difference between your first aligner (crooked) and last aligner (straight) may look huge, but it’s the small-step nature of gradually straightening your teeth where Invisalign shines.

With Invisalign you also get the benefit of a barely noticeable, transparent aligner that lets you straighten your teeth all day, remove it to eat, drink, and clean your teeth, all the while pretending like it’s never there.

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