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Dental Veneers Gold Coast

Defining Veneers

What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers refer to ultra thin laminates of restorative material that are placed over the damaged tooth's surfaces in order to enhance the aesthetics – by concealing any imperfections or flaws. Dental veneers may be fabricated from two types of materials: Porcelain or Composite Resin. The dental veneer is commonly applied as a Cosmetic Dental treatment for correcting stained, chipped, cracked, misaligned or unevenly spaced teeth.

Which types of patients need veneers?

Dental veneers are recommended for patients with the following dental conditions:

Discoloured Teeth:
Dental veneers may be used to conceal discoloured teeth. They are commonly used for discolouration cases – involving either single or multiple teeth – that cannot be treated using regular teeth whitening or other oral cleaning methods.

Worn or Aging Teeth:
Dental veneers can give your worn dentition a new lease of life.

Small or Short Teeth:
If you have a small tooth that is out of line with the rest of your teeth, it may be wise to apply a non-invasive veneer to lengthen the tooth. Dental veneers are among the most flexible options in the cosmetic dentist’s toolkit to help balance the sizes and shapes of teeth so that they blend together.

Mal-positioned or Misaligned Teeth:
Dental veneers can help to restore the uniform appearance of straight and beautiful teeth.

Of course, you may also choose dental veneers for purely cosmetic reasons – lengthening, straightening and contouring your teeth to more perfectly match your facial features.

When should I choose dental veneers – as compared to other treatments?

As is the case with most dental treatments, Dental Veneers are not for everyone. Dental veneers present a suitable option for patients with teeth that are structurally sound and free of underlying issues like gum disease. However, patients who lack a strong bite might consider installing a dental crown instead.

The comparisons below illustrate the merits and demerits of Dental Veneers when applied to different situations and patient conditions.

Dental Veneers Vs Teeth Whitening

If your teeth are mildly discoloured, cosmetic dentists would normally recommend teeth whitening. However, dental veneers are recommended for terribly discoloured teeth that cannot be treated with a simple whitening procedure. Veneers are often used for discolouration caused by: Excessive fluoride intake; root canal treatment; staining from tetracycline and other drugs; large resin fillings, etc.

The veneering process requires more patient commitment as compared to teeth whitening, in order to properly fabricate and fit the customised tooth-coloured shells. The treatment is also irreversible, hence needs to be carefully considered.

Dental Veneers Vs Dental Crowns

Unlike veneers that only cover the front surface of your teeth, crowns typically encase the entire tooth. Both the procedures for placing dental veneers and dental crowns require some tooth reduction at the preparation stage, although crowns require more tooth reduction than veneers. The preparation process for veneers, as compared to crowns, is thus less traumatic and preserves more of your natural tooth structure.

Dental crowns are more suited for patients suffering from severe damage to their tooth due to injury, disease or decay. They help to restore the functions of a badly damaged tooth, allowing the patient to continue to perform extensive grinding and chewing following the crowning procedure. Veneers are prescribed for purely aesthetic reasons and only if your underlying tooth structure is strong and healthy.

Another factor that differentiates crowns and veneers is cost. Crowns are usually more expensive than dental veneers. That said, dental fees largely depend on the expertise of the cosmetic dentist, the extent of treatment and location.

Type of Dental Veneers

Porcelain Veneers

Although the costlier option, porcelain veneers are more lifelike, aesthetically pleasing and robust as compared to their composite resin counterparts.

Since porcelain veneers are usually fabricated at a dental laboratory, the veneering process requires a few visits to the dentist, whereas a composite restoration can be applied in one sitting.

During the initial visit, the dentist will remove an ultra-thin layer of enamel from the front and sides of the patient's teeth, to create a sliver of room in which to accommodate the incoming prosthetic. The dentist will then create an impression of the prepared teeth to serve as a blueprint of the prepared teeth site. The porcelain shells will be fabricated, typically at a dental laboratory, based on the dimensions, size and shape of the impression.

Once the veneers are ready, the patient will be asked to return to the dentist’s office for final adjustments and fitting of the porcelain veneers. The dentist will first place the porcelain veneers over the prepared teeth to ensure that they conform to size and shape. Following some minor adjustments, where necessary, the tooth shells are bonded to the teeth using dental cements. The dentist may arrange for follow-up visits to make sure everything is in order, and determine whether further modifications or adjustments are required for a perfect fit.

Resin Veneers

Unlike porcelain veneers, it is possible to place composite veneers in a single visit at the dentist's clinic. The preparation process is rather similar in terms of having to remove a thin layer of enamel from the front and the sides of the teeth. Instead of fabricating the prosthetic at a dental lab, the dentist places the composite material directly onto the patient’s teeth and hardens the direct bonding material with a special high intensity light. Following the light curing process, the cosmetic dentist would also polish the prosthetic and finely sculpt it for a perfect fit.

Zirconia Veneers

Zirconia is a popular dental material due its high strength and resistance to fracture. Fabricated as ultra-thin laminates, as in the case of dental veneers, Zirconia restorations can be milled to a precise shape, size and colour to provide an aesthetic smile for the patient, while being exceptionally strong and durable.

Other Types of Veneers

The following types of veneers are not used at our dental practice, however, it has been included below just as general information for what may be available as alternatives.

Instant veneers: Involves application of pre-fabricated veneers, usually selected from a variety of styles and shades to best match your teeth.

Removable veneers: Also known as “snap on smiles”, these are relatively new veneers made from hard-wearing dental resin. As the name suggests, you can remove the snap-on veneers in order to eat, drink and brush as you normally would.

Why You Should Choose Robina Town Dental

If you have lost the shape, colour or form of your teeth due to wear or tear, dental veneers can be the panacea that you are looking for. Dental veneers are also used to cover up teeth discolouration, whether due to old age or stains accumulated from years of neglect or exposure to tobacco and heavily pigmented drinks like red wine and coffee.

As a pure cosmetic treatment involving wafer thin shells, dental veneers require a delicate process and trained hands. Improper installations can result in bulky-looking teeth, or worse, allow bacteria to seep in underneath the veneers and cause future problems.

At Robina Town Dental, you can find assurance in our experienced dental team, backed by our extensive knowledge and application of cosmetic dentistry. We firmly believe in doing things right the first time, every time, so that all our patients can receive treatment with a peace of mind.

We provide Dental Veneers as a non-surgical and minimally invasive dental technique to treat a variety of dental aesthetic issues. Our commitment is for each restoration to perfectly match your teeth and facial features. We also take pride in the translucent quality of our porcelain material, which resembles natural teeth – with the same lustre and light-bouncing properties.

If you are looking for a qualified dental team for your dental veneers right here in sunny Gold Coast, then you have found the right one at Robina Town Dental.

What is the cost of Dental Veneers on the Gold Coast?

The cost varies depending on the complexity of the treatment and amount of dental veneers completed as the cost may be reduced if completing multiple veneers.

  • Indicative costs - Porcelain veneers from $1,350 per veneer
  • Average composite veneers $450 per veneer

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