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Case Study 1 - Barbara Kelly

Treatment completed by Dr John Utama.

Full smile make over

Patient initially came to us as she wanted something done about her teeth which are generally discoloured and warn down.

Dr Utama performed a full mouth reconstruction by placing porcelain crowns on every tooth and look at the amazing results. This has changed the patient’s life all for the better.

Case Study 2

Patient was unhappy with his smile and appearance of his teeth. He had old crowns with dark margins near the gum line and worn teeth. Dr Morse placed 8 porcelain crowns on his upper teeth. Patient can’t stop smiling and loves his new smile. It has given him a great confidence boost.

Case Study 3

Patient was not happy with the gaps between her teeth and her existing old crowns. She was in desperate need for a new smile. Dr Morse placed four porcelain crowns and two porcelain veneers on the upper front teeth. He also placed two porcelain veneers on the lower middle front teeth.

Our Lovely patient is very happy with the results and now can’t stop smiling.

Case Study 4

Treatment completed by Dr Morse.

Patient had resin veneers placed on her two front teeth some years ago. They and other restorations on the front teeth had discoloured and stained at the edges. The patient decided she wanted something better looking and more durable this time. She made the decision to place porcelain veneers on her upper front six teeth. She chose a natural light colour and was very pleased with her lovely new smile.

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