Teeth Whitening vs Veneers - which option is right for me?
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Teeth whitening vs veneersWhile the colour of our enamel is not always an indicator of health, it can greatly influence the appearance of our smile. Dull, yellowing or greying teeth can be the result of a range of factors, but the good news is that you aren't necessarily stuck with a less than brilliant smile for good.

Thanks to advances in cosmetic dentistry, people looking to enhance the look of their teeth have several options to explore. Both professional whitening and veneers are tried and trusted ways of transforming your smile, but which treatment is right for you?

Making A Good First Impression

A study by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry found that almost half of people (48 per cent) believe a smile is the most memorable part about a person when they first meet1.

This is echoed by findings from another survey by Kelton, which found that almost a third of participants reported teeth being the first thing they noticed about a person's face2. Whether you're encountering a business associate or heading out on date night, make sure your first impression is a good one.

Teeth Whitening

Professional in-chair whitening is performed by a qualified dental practitioner, with the use of a specially formulated whitening solution that is applied to your teeth. A high intensity lamp is used to activate the solution and begin to lift the stains from the outer layer of enamel as well as the dentine beneath.

A session will usually last for about an hour, and many patients are able to see visible results, even within a short period of time. This treatment is often supplemented by a take-home whitening kit, supplied by your dentist, to further aid in the brightening process.


Some patients may be able to see a noticeable difference, even after one session. In addition, in-chair whitening is a time efficient method of working towards the smile you want, only taking up an hour of your day.
If your teeth are healthy, and in otherwise good condition, whitening could be right for you.


Like any whitening treatment, even the results from an in-chair session are not guaranteed to be the same for everyone. The effectiveness of whitening depends a lot on the nature of your teeth, as well any stains. In addition, post-whitening, some patients' teeth may have an increased sensitivity
It's best to speak to your local Robina Town Dentist about your eligibility for whitening.


At Robina Town Dental, we use Polaoffice+ whitening treatment which costs $650. There are many benefits associated with Polaoffice+, the main features being that it is easy to apply and provides maximum comfort for the patient, and also the minimal chair time required to apply this treatment.


Veneers are an ultra-thin shell that fits over your natural teeth, designed to blend seamlessly with the rest of your smile. They can not only give you a whiter, brighter set of teeth, but they can also create a straighter, even smile. Beloved by celebrities for creating a camera-ready smile, veneers are an almost instant transformation to your teeth.


Veneers are custom made for a patient's teeth, meaning they can be very natural looking, in addition to being reasonably durable. They can correct not only colour, but the shape of your teeth for a more aesthetically pleasing smile.
If you are looking for a total transformation of your smile, you may want to look into veneers.


Depending on the individual patient, veneers require that some part of the original tooth be filed down to prepare the surface for the bonding procedure. Whether you go for porcelain or composite veneers, their longevity will vary, meaning at some point you will have to get them replaced.


As veneers need to be custom made, it is difficult to estimate a general cost, but your dentist will be better able to provide you with a rough estimate. Contact us at Robina Town Dental to find out more.

1 American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, A Picture Perfect Smile: The Secret to Attractiveness at Any Age. Accessed December, 2015. 2 Kelton, First Impressions Are Everything: New Study Confirms People With Straight Teeth Are Perceived as More Successful, Smarter and Having More Dates. Accessed December, 2015.

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