What can happen if missing teeth are not replaced?
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What happens if missing teeth aren't replacedOur teeth are vital to our livelihood as without them our everyday lifestyle choices would need to be adjusted and changed if something were to happen to them. There are many options available to those looking to replace their missing teeth, be it just one tooth or many, however dental implants are highly recommended as the ideal solution as they look, act and feel just like your natural teeth would.

Early Prevention Is Key

It is very important that we replace those missing teeth to avoid any nasty repercussions that may arise from such. Ultimately in the early stages, the symptoms appear to be quite superficial however it is the long term effects that prove to be quite severe. Short term consequences of tooth loss may include:

  • Embarrassment or self-consciousness when smiling or talking;
  • Speech problems;
  • Possible malnutrition due to the inability to consume certain foods containing essential nutrients;
  • Weakening of the remaining teeth due to the increased stress/wear;
  • Difficulty chewing properly;
  • Movement of the remaining teeth to compensate for the gaps.

The major consequence of not replacing your missing teeth will result in bone loss. As our teeth are embedded in our jawbone, they require constant use (such as chewing and biting) to remain active and healthy. By not replacing missing teeth, jawbones will deteriorate over time, resulting in facial changes but more importantly – increased costs and complications in rectifying the problem.

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So to ensure you don’t encounter any of these nasties, come in and see us here at Robina Town Dental where our friendly Gold Coast team can guide you through a dental implant consultation. Our dentists are here to ensure you can be your best self by keeping those smiles full, happy and healthy!

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