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How Long Does It Take to Whiten Teeth?

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If your teeth have stains, other discolouration, or you just want a whiter smile, teeth whitening treatments provided by a dentist can brighten teeth by several shades. How long this takes will depend on the type of treatment you choose and how much whitening is needed.

Professional teeth whitening at a dental clinic can sometimes be completed in as little as one hour, with instant results. If you prefer to use a home whitening kit provided by your dentist, you can usually expect to see results in two weeks or more.

Read more about how long teeth whitening takes and how long it lasts, or book a cosmetic consultation with our Gold Coast dentists to start planning your smile makeover.

In-chair whitening: 1–3 hours

In-office whitening treatments provided by a dental professional can have much faster results than those carried out at home. Depending on the level of whitening required, the treatment may only take an hour or more as your dentist or oral health therapist carefully applies a whitening agent to your teeth in layers and cures it using a bright light. You should be able to see the change in your smile instantly.

In-chair whitening is so fast because industry professionals are qualified to use teeth bleaching chemicals at higher concentrations than are permitted for general use. They have the special training and experience necessary to provide these treatments safely, taking every precaution to prevent the chemicals from contacting your gums or being swallowed.

Teeth whitening isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, and your dentist will tailor your treatment to your individual needs and preferences. Some people have more sensitive teeth that may be irritated or damaged by exposure to strong bleaching agents. In these cases, a lower concentration or alternative treatment may be recommended.

At Robina Town Dental, we provide in-clinic whitening using the efficient and reliable Pola Office+ whitening system to break down stains. The treatment itself can take less than 30 minutes to apply, reducing time spent in the chair and leading to satisfying results in the capable hands of our experienced team.

Take-home whitening kit: 2–3 weeks

If you don’t mind a longer treatment time, home teeth whitening is a lower cost option that can still provide satisfying results – provided you use a personalised kit provided by a dentist and follow their instructions for its safe use. These kits should be used on a regular basis, as advised by your dentist. You may start to see results after a week or more, but the treatment should be completed on schedule to see full results.

Home whitening involves applying a low-concentration bleaching gel to your teeth by wearing customised trays. These should be designed by a dentist based on impressions of your unique teeth to ensure they fit comfortably, whiten teeth surfaces evenly, and lower the risk of spills and accidental exposure to chemicals.

Your dentist will tailor your home kit to your specific needs and give you precise instructions to follow for the best chance of achieving your desired results. Using a generic over-the-counter kit can be less effective and involve more risks.

At Robina Town Dental, we provide tailor-made home whitening kits using the advanced Pola Night system, which includes custom-fitted trays and specially-formulated whitening gel. Depending on the type of discolouration you have and the results you want to achieve, we may recommend a combination of in-office and home whitening to help you reach your desired level of whiteness.

How long will my white smile last?

Teeth whitening isn’t a permanent treatment, and how long its effects last can vary. Some people may benefit from a top-up treatment after a few months, while others may continue to enjoy their results for a few years. This can depend on your individual teeth, the type of treatment used, and how well you care for your smile and avoid stains.

You can reduce staining and help your new smile to last by:

  • Brushing your teeth at least twice a day, for two minutes, using fluoride toothpaste
  • Flossing or cleaning between your teeth at least once daily
  • Avoiding or cutting back on foods and drinks with strong pigments that can stain teeth, such as red wine, coffee and sauces
  • Drinking staining liquids through a straw and not holding them in your mouth
  • Limiting sugar in your diet that can lead to tooth decay
  • Quitting smoking or cutting down to reduce staining and lower your oral health risks
  • Keeping up with your regular dental visits for a comprehensive check-up, teeth cleaning and preventive hygiene treatments

If you choose to have your teeth professionally whitened at Robina Town Dental, we’ll also provide a home whitening kit with instructions for helping you maintain your smile as needed. We can also schedule repeat treatments at our clinic if you notice your results fading.

Am I suitable for teeth whitening?

Most adults are candidates for whitening treatments, but this will depend on factors such as the type of stains or discolouration your teeth have, whether your teeth and gums are healthy or sensitive, and whether you’re prepared to quit smoking or make other changes to your diet or habits that could affect the outcome of the treatment.

  • Type of stains: Surface stains from natural ageing, food and drink, tobacco and plaque build-up can usually be covered up or reduced by teeth bleaching. If your teeth have deeper discolouration, such as that caused by trauma or a side-effect of medication, these may not respond to chemical whitening, but they may be suitable for other cosmetic dentistry treatments.

  • Tooth sensitivity: If you have sensitive teeth or gums, make sure you tell your dentist so they can discuss suitable approaches. It’s still possible to whiten sensitive teeth, but special care and a lower concentration of bleaching agents may be needed, which can mean slower or less dramatic results.

  • Bad habits: It’s important to practise good oral hygiene, follow a balanced diet and avoid smoking to prevent further tooth staining and problems like tooth decay and gum disease that can affect the outcome of your treatment.

  • Existing dental work: If you have existing dental restorations or prosthetics such as fillings, crowns, dentures or veneers, these can’t be whitened and may need to be replaced if you want them to blend in with your new smile.

To find out whether you’re a candidate for teeth whitening, it’s important to consult with an experienced cosmetic dentist. They will examine your teeth and ask about the reason for their discolouration, as well as any lifestyle factors that could affect your suitability. They’ll also explain what the procedure involves and give you an idea of the costs and possible risks so you can make a fully informed decision about whether whitening is right for you.

If you’re not a candidate for teeth whitening, or you prefer another solution, alternatives for brightening the appearance of teeth can include dental bonding, veneers and crowns. To talk to a Gold Coast dentist today, call us on 07 5575 9100 so we can book you in for a consultation to discuss your options.

Do I need to see a dentist for teeth whitening?

If you’ve seen whitening products on sale at pharmacies, or similar services being offered by salons, you might be wondering whether you really need to see a dentist about whitening your teeth at all. There are many good reasons to do so, for both safety and aesthetics.

Like any other treatment, teeth whitening involves possible risks, but these are reduced when your treatment is provided by a qualified and experienced dental professional. Teeth whitening is a form of cosmetic dentistry that requires in-depth knowledge of the teeth and mouth that professionals who aren’t qualified in dentistry, such as beauticians, don’t have. They may not be able to accurately recommend teeth whitening or to personalise your treatment for your individual needs. Dental clinics also have the equipment and processes in place to minimise risks, from gum separators preventing exposure to chemicals to strict infection control standards helping to keep you safe.

It’s also important to see a dentist if you want to whiten your teeth at home, as they can provide a personalised take-home kit and detailed instructions for its safe use. This kit will include custom-made trays to prevent spills and ensure even coverage and a whitening gel specially formulated to give you the results you desire while avoiding problems such as sensitivity. These safeguards won’t be in place if you use an over-the-counter product that hasn’t been individually tailored to your needs, increasing the risk of problems such as weakened tooth enamel, chemical burns or blisters to gums and accidental swallowing. Results from over-the-counter whitening products are also more likely to disappoint.

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