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Bupa Members First Platinum Provider

Robina Town Dental is now part of the Bupa Members First Platinum network. This means we can offer even more benefits to our Bupa members.

Bupa Members First Platinum Network

If you're a Bupa member with combined Hospital and Extras cover including general dental, you can look forward to gap free check-ups, teeth cleaning and preventive treatments when you visit our Gold Coast dental clinic.* This includes dental x-rays and custom-fitted mouthguards if these are needed.

All standard Members First benefits still apply to Platinum members, including no gap kids' dental services and 60% to 100% back on most other dental services, depending on your cover. With more gap free services, more money back and no surprise costs, Bupa Members First Platinum is helping to reduce the financial burden of dental care in Australia.

To find out what Bupa Members First Platinum means for you, get in touch with our dentists on the Gold Coast today. Call us on 07 5551 4196 or contact us online.

*Up to annual limits. Waiting periods, policy and fund rules apply.

What Is Members First Platinum?

Regular dental check-ups and preventive care are important for maintaining a high standard of oral health, but many Australians delay or avoid visiting the dentist because they're worried about the cost.

Committed to helping Australians take care of their dental health, Bupa introduced Members First to make high quality dental services more affordable, without unexpected out-of-pocket costs. Members First Platinum, launched in September 2018, offers even better value to eligible Bupa members.

Robina Town Dental was among the first dental clinics to join the Members First Platinum network, which currently includes a select number of clinics across Australia. This means we can offer the full benefits of Platinum service to our eligible customers.

What's included?

Bupa Members First Platinum cover includes all existing Members First benefits as well as adding new features. These include:

Gap free check-ups and preventive care

As an eligible Platinum member, you'll pay nothing for:*

  • Oral health assessments and consultations with our dentists
  • Professional cleaning and scaling
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Bitewing x-rays if needed
  • Mouthguards if needed

Keeping up with your scheduled dental visits is recommended as part of a good oral hygiene routine. Regular check-ups give your dentist the chance to catch problems at an early stage, when they may be easier to treat. Professional cleaning and scaling remove plaque and calculus from the surfaces of teeth and fluoride treatments help to protect teeth against further plaque attacks.

Members First Platinum offers free check-ups and hygiene services twice a year, in line with our dentists' recommendations. It also covers other preventive treatments that can help to reduce dental risks. This includes dental x-rays, to help our dentists diagnose any problems and plan your treatments more effectively, and custom mouthguards to help prevent serious injuries during sports.

*Waiting periods, policy and fund rules apply.

More money back and no surprise costs

If you need to have a dental treatment, Bupa members receive 60%–100% back on most dental services at Robina Town Dental, depending on the level of cover you have. This offers more certainty about out-of-pocket payments, so you won't have to worry about unexpected costs.

This covers general dental treatments such as fillings and root canals but does not include orthodontics, hospital services and some other services.

Gap free children's dental care

If you have kids, Bupa members won't have to pay anything for their basic dental services, up to your annual limits.** This includes:

  • Check-ups with our dentists
  • Professional teeth cleaning
  • Dental x-rays
  • Fillings, fissure sealants and other preventive treatments
**Waiting periods, policy and fund rules apply. Excludes orthodontics and hospital treatments. Child dependants only.

Am I eligible?

Gap free dental at Robina Town Dental

You will be eligible to receive Members First Platinum benefits at our Gold Coast dental clinic if:

  • You are a Bupa member,
  • You have Hospital cover, and
  • You have Extras cover that includes general dental.

Waiting periods, policy and fund rules apply. If you're not sure whether you're eligible to claim for gap free dental check-ups and services, you can contact Bupa directly on 134 135 or visit your nearest Bupa store.

Bupa Members First Platinum FAQ

If you've got any questions about how Members First Platinum works, see if it's answered in our frequently asked questions

No. Members First Platinum adds more benefits at participating dental clinics, but you can still access all previous Members First benefits that you are eligible to claim for other dental services.

Annual limits are based on general clinical recommendations for the number of times a service may be needed each year. This means you can claim for dental check-ups, cleaning, scaling and fluoride treatments every six months or twice a year, while other services such as mouthguards may only be claimed for once a year.

It may be possible to make more claims if your individual clinical needs are different. For example, if you require more frequent check-ups after oral surgery or radiotherapy, these costs will usually be covered.

Waiting periods may apply for Members First Platinum benefits. This means that if you've recently joined Bupa or upgraded your cover, it could take some time before you can access the full benefits of your new cover and make a claim.

The amount you can claim on your health fund each year depends on the level of cover you have. Your insurance payments also need to be up to date before you can make a claim.

To find out how much you're covered for, you can contact Bupa directly or read the current fund rules.

Talk to our dentists on the Gold Coast

Robina Town Dental is part of the Bupa Members First Platinum network. If you want to know more about how this benefits you and your family, or you want to make an appointment at our Gold Coast dental clinic, contact our friendly team today.

Call us on 07 5551 4196 or contact us online and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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