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Gold Coast Dentists

Robina Town Dental on the Gold Coast utilise state-of-the-art dentistry equipment and technology. Our contemporary dental practice incorporates the very latest dentistry techniques and treatments; specifically chosen to enhance your oral well-being and create beautiful smiles.

We are committed to providing the finest quality oral treatment, unsurpassed in precision and eminence. Embellished with modern and contemporary furniture pieces; our practice facilities reflect our innovative approach to dental treatment.

We aspire to make your dentistry visit an enjoyable one. On arrival to our modern dentistry practice, we invite you to sit back and relax in our comfortable waiting room. Whilst undergoing oral treatment patients may listen to their favourite music through headphones or watch a movie on the monitor. Our dedicated dental team will ensure every possible step is taken to make you feel comfortable and at ease.

The friendly and inviting atmosphere of Robina Town Dental will help ease your nerves and make your visit an enjoyable experience. Our outstanding practice facilities enable us to perform the highest quality dental treatments and cater for all of our patients’ oral needs.


Robina Town Dental is comprised of dedicated and experienced, professional dentists; motivated to help you achieve a stunning, healthy smile.

Dr Hayden Morse Dr Alistair HenryDr John UtamaDr Simone Lancaster 


I love to see beautiful and healthy smiles, and feel a great deal of satisfaction if I have contributed to that smile.

Dr Hayden Morse, Dentist at Robina Town Dental

I understand that caring and listening are an important part of dentistry, they can make a sometimes scary time much easier. I enjoy seeing patients of all ages. It is a major goal of mine to remove the mystery of dentistry. I like to show my patients what I find in their mouths and explain what is happening in a way that is easy to understand. I then present various treatment options in plain English and help you make the decision that suits you.

Nothing brings me more joy at work than giving someone the ability to smile with confidence (sometimes for the first time in a very long time). I have made a special effort to train in a broad range of dental procedures so I have the necessary skills to offer comprehensive solutions to any situation. In modern dentistry, braces (both traditional and invisible), implants, porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges are all great tools to achieve a beautiful and healthy smile and I am happy to offer them all. No problem is too large or too small.

I am a strong believer in identifying problems early and fixing them before they snowball. A very thorough and detailed examination is an important first step. Giving you strategies to prevent future problems is also very important, rather than just fixing the damage and waiting for it to reoccur.

I am very lucky to have such a great team behind me. Having such a happy and helpful team makes patients feel more comfortable. Having an onsite technician helps me get the best results.

The two smiles that light up my life belong to my son Oscar and my daughter Alice.


Alistair graduated with first class honours from the University of Queensland.

Dr Alistair Henry, Dentist at Robina Town Dental

Alistair has lived on the Gold Coast and worked as a principal dentist at Robina town dental since 2001. Prior to this, Alistair practiced in Mackay and Caloundra.

Alistair completed his training at the University of Queensland and graduated will First Class Honours in 1997. Alistair has completed further education and training in the following dedicated areas of:
Implant dentistry, minor oral surgical procedures, use of lasers in dentistry, cosmetic procedures, porcelain crowns and veneer treatments, use of Botolinum muscle relaxants in dentistry, Invisalign aligner treatment and braces orthodontics.
Alistair is a member of the International College of Continuing Dental Education (ICCDE) in Orthodontics. 

Alistair enjoys all areas of dentistry. Helping people smile with confidence and feel better about their teeth is particularly rewarding. Alistair is committed to providing the highest standard of treatment. He is continually updating his knowledge of new procedures by attending continuing education seminars.

Alistair believes dentistry is about helping every person to achieve healthy, good looking teeth. He can advise you what can be done to improve your smile. He can advise if braces or Invisalign clear aligners are suitable to straighten your teeth. Alistair caters to all patients, including those who are anxious or apprehensive and does his best to ensure you receive a gentle and comfortable dental experience.

Alistair spends his spare time with his family enjoying all the Gold Coast has to offer.


Having practised Dentistry for 25 years, I have seen lots of teeth.

Dr John Utama, Dentist at Robina Town Dental

In the first 5 years as a dentist, the bulk of my work was relieving patients of pain, which involved the obligatory drill and fill, endless extractions and also making dentures. For about 7 years I placed my name as an after hours dentist, and there was barely a weekend when I did not see a patient requiring emergency treatment. The following 10 years, I learned about basic cosmetic dentistry, in particular composite veneers and a little later, porcelain veneers and crowns. Five years after that, I took courses in implants and orthodontics. The last five years I have been learning about neuromuscular dentistry, studying the relationship between the bite, muscles and the TMJ joints. Recently, I have taken courses in Orthotropics, which is the science of facial growth guidance.

Essentially, I am now integrating all disciplines of dentistry and treating the patient as a whole, not just their teeth. In the next five years I can see myself teaching children about correct breathing and posture, more and more adults will be treated with braces to correct the bite into the neuromuscular position, and managing patients with OSA. Fifteen years after that? Nobody knows. However, one thing I know for sure is that I will never stop learning.

It is now becoming clear to me that the teeth, the bite, the muscles, the joints and the rest of the body are inextricably linked together. If one part of the body becomes dysfunctional, it is inevitable that other parts of the body will be adversely affected, in some shape or form. I am seeing a pattern of ‘red flags’ from early childhood that leads to major problems in adults, such as OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea), which is linked to cardiovascular disease and stroke; and TMD (TemporoMandibular Dysfunction), which may cause chronic headaches and migraines. Therefore, it really does make sense that we manage these ‘red flags’ early, to prevent problems later.

Click here to visit Dr John Utama's website. 


Dr Simone Lancaster was handpicked to join our practice by our principle Dentist for her high standards in dentistry.

Dr Simone Lancaster, Dentist at Robina Town Dental

Simone is a rare Gold Coast born and raised local who graduated with a Bachelor of Oral Health in Dental science and a Graduate Diploma of Dentistry from Griffith University on the Gold Coast. She has a fresh and modern outlook on dentistry with very up to date training in all fields of general dentistry. Simone continually aims to expand her knowledge through courses and seminars and is proactive with continuing education to ensure she is up to date with the most current information so that she can provide patients with high quality care.

Each of her new patients will receive a customized treatment plan, tailored to their wants and needs and fully explained by her or one of the practice treatment co-ordinators to help make your experience as seamless as possible with few surprises or ambiguity. Simone aims to increase her patients’ knowledge and confidence and help them work towards a healthy future for their teeth and mouths. She is genuinely passionate about caring for the dental health of Gold Coast families and provides and educative style coupled with gentle, friendly and professional service to put you and your families at ease during what can sometimes be an unpleasant experience.

Despite her love for the dental world and all things teeth, even she can admit there is a life beyond dentistry, when she is not practicing Simone can be found indulging in her enthusiasm for the gym, the beach or any gold coast outdoors life.


Dr Anna Williams graduated with a Bachelor of Oral Health in Dental Science and a Graduate Diploma of Dentistry at Griffith University after relocating from Sydney.

Since then, Anna has made the Gold Coast her home and has established a strong patient rapport amongst the community.

Anna enjoys all aspects of dentistry, and has a special interest in cosmetic dentistry. She looks at the face as a whole while treatment planning to address other functional and aesthetic aspects for each individual patient. Anna has undertaken many further studies in this field and especially enjoys incorporating Invisalign, cosmetic injectables and non-surgical facelifts to achieve optimal results. Anna is a leading medical practitioner on the Gold Coast to offer this type of dento-aesthetic service.

Along with maintaining a high level of dental excellence in her work, Anna also prides herself in establishing and maintaining strong relationships with her patients, and feels they become like family to her. She aims to help create a positive attitude within the community toward oral health and believes having a strong family oriented dental team and great communication is the way to achieve this.


Our team of dedicated and experienced oral health therapists work with kids and provide our preventative care program to help you achieve a stunning, healthy smile.


Tanya Thompson is a dedicated oral health therapist at Robina Town Dental.

For over the past 15 years Tanya has been working within the dental industry, receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Oral Health from the University of Queensland in 2002.Working at RTD for the past 14years as an Oral Health Therapist Tanya provides both a comprehensive dental hygiene service as well as paediatric dental therapy to our younger valued clients.

Committed to continuing education, Tanya has completed various specialised oral health courses including current cosmetic, laser, restorative and periodontal practices.Dedicated to promoting comprehensive oral health and maintenance, Tanya enjoys presenting community based oral health education lessons to our local schools.

As part of the team at RTD we strive to ensure that your concerns are addressed in a relaxed professional manner and I’m looking forward to meeting with you at your next dental visit.


Caitlin Booth is a dedicated oral health therapist at Robina Town Dental.

Caitlin has been with the RTD team since June 2016. She graduated from the University of Otago in 2014 with a Bachelor of Oral Health and works as both a dental hygienist and dental therapist.

Caitlin is passionate about oral health, having worked in the dental industry for the past 7 years, she loves anything teeth related. In her role, she enjoys being able to help patients achieve their oral health goals through education and assisting in prevention of periodontal disease and dental decay.

As a therapist, she enjoys working with children and her gentle and relaxed manner assists in making the dental environment an inviting and friendly one.

Outside of work, Caitlin enjoys the odd game of volleyball, cooking and enjoying nature and the outdoors. She is currently studying dentistry at Griffith University to further her abilities and interest in the dental field.

She looks forward to meeting you!

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