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Epigentics Orthodontics

The field of epigenetics is not new. It studies the effects of the environment on our genes. Our understanding of epigenetics leads us to be better equipped in managing our patients in craniofacial growth guidance.

At Robina Town Dental we are interested in the general health of our patients, not only the teeth. Our treatment objective is to achieve harmonious relationship between the teeth, neck and facial muscles, TMJ joints and most importantly, the airway.

Malocclusion (“bad bite”) is symptomatic of an underlying problem. If untreated, it may lead to TMD disorders or OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnoea) later in life.

We are proud to introduce a removable appliance (DNA/Homeoblock) that induces jaw and facial growth to maximise airway functions and to develop a more attractive facial appearance. The appliance produces very gentle forces on the teeth and the surrounding soft tissues as it induces physiological changes (bone growth) as opposed to pathological changes (trauma) that occur when braces are used.

Please note that braces or ‘Invisalign’ type of appliances MAY be needed to ‘fine tune’ the teeth at the end of treatment. No permanent teeth will be extracted as we want to develop the jaws to accommodate all teeth, resulting in a healthy individual with a broad smile. Please view the websites below for further information:

Complimentary Orthodontic Consultation

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