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Dentisure™ offers you and your family the financial security of up to $5,000 coverage per accident

Many general health insurers will only cover a small proportion of dental treatments and most have long waiting periods of up to 12 months before you can claim.

That’s why Dental Care Network has introduced Dentisure™ - free dental accident coverage to protect you against the unexpected.

You trust your dentist to care for your family’s oral well being. It’s good to know that every Dental Care Network practice now offers Dentisure™ to extend that care beyond the chair.

How it works

In the event of a dental accident, call to lodge the incident. Phone: 1800 789 149

The second number to call is your Dental Care Network practice, advising there has been an accident and arranging to be seen as quickly as possible.

Pay your treatment direct to the practice at the time of your appointment, Dentisure™ will reimburse you for dental related costs up to $5,000 per accident for approved claims. Terms and conditions apply.

How Do I Make a Claim?

Phone: 1800 789 149

Claims must be supported by original reports and documentation. These may be police or accident reports, doctors’ or hospital reports, as appropriate.

Costs & Benefits

Dentisure™ is completely free to patients who meet the eligibility criteria! There has never been a more affordable way to prepare for life’s little surprises. Dentisure™ offers you and your family the financial security of up to $5,000 coverage per accident.


Who is Eligible?


For enquiries, email

It's that simple!

How Do I Apply?

It is so simple to register for Dentisure™!

There’s no complicated paperwork. Simply fill in the registration details on Dental Care Network.
Book an appointment to visit any of our Dental Care Network practices every 12 months.
Smile with confidence, knowing you and your family are covered against random skateboards, whizzing cricket balls and the misadventures of not-so-invincible Superheroes!

Terms and Conditions
For the complete set of terms and conditions for Dentisure, please visit If you have any further questions contact our friendly team who will be happy to assistt